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Terezin, Prague – The Star Shaped Concentration Camp

Terezin. Even the sound of its name isn’t as clinical and pain-inducing as Auschwitz. It’s lilting, almost poetic, and doesn’t give away any of the pain it holds. Bereft of the wire fences, spotlights and gas chambers, it wasn’t an extermination camp. Naturally, I had never heard of it before we began our itinerary research for Prague & the Czech Republic. I skipped into the bus excited to get out

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The Prague Card – A great way to make your way through Prague

The reasons we’re talking about Museum Cards, and the Prague Card in particular, is if you’ve been following our blog for a while (or if you just scroll through our list of destinations), you’ll see we’re big fans of European cities. We’re museum junkies and we’ve been screaming ourselves hoarse about the whole tourist v/s traveller debate. The thing is, those sites are popular and famous and bucketlist worthy for

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The Mandarin Oriental, Prague – Within serenity lies luxury

The Mandarin Oriental in Prague is so much more than an exquisite luxury hotel. Yes, it has all the trimmings and hospitality we have come to enjoy and expect of the Mandarin Oriental Group but it has something no other Mandarin Oriental does – it is set within a restored 14th century monastery. Our taxi swished us in, turning off the busy hub of Mala Strana into a quiet corner.

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What to Pack for Prague in the Winter

What to pack for Prague in the winter? It left us scratching our heads for quite a while. To begin with, winter travel always gets us a bit anxious since we have no concept of winter whatsoever in Mumbai. The most we’ve ever done is used a light throw at open air parties on new year’s eve or used a light sweater when we have a fever. The way we

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Context Travel Prague: A walk through history

Let’s start with a little honesty first. We thoroughly research our travels before we leave home and in all modesty, there are quite a few times when we’ve baffled locals with our research on opening different doors in their city. But lately, we’ve found it immensely rewarding to join a walk led by a docent who has both professional and academic knowledge on a specific subject we’re interested in. We did this

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Aria Hotel Prague: A unique symphony

It was our first visit to Czech Republic and we were ready to be blown away by everything we’d read, especially the music that was going to be waiting for us there. So when a chance to stay at the Aria Hotel Prague popped in, we jumped at it! Imagine a 5-star boutique hotel dedicated to music that would be home for a bit of our stay in Prague…we couldn’t

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