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5 things we love (and hate) about Thailand

1. Street Food For two foodies, who are on the verge of resigning to the fact that we’ll never ever be fit given how we eat, Thailand was wonderland. The street food was cheaper than we imagined (40 THB for a noodle soup), and available in enough varieties to let you survive on noodle soup alone for the entire trip. It was fresh, filling yet light enough for us to

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Phi Phi Island Cruise – Of beaches, and THE beach.

Thailand. The word brought to me images of a hidden commune on an idyllic beach, where the waters were a shade of undiscovered blue, sands sparkly and fine, like mirrors ground up. After all, that’s where I’d seen Leonardo DiCaprio frolic in “The Beach”. So when we reached Phuket, I was disappointed to say the least. We’d fallen prey to a scam hotel booking company, and then thankfully found a

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