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Phi Phi Island Cruise – Of beaches, and THE beach.

Thailand. The word brought to me images of a hidden commune on an idyllic beach, where the waters were a shade of undiscovered blue, sands sparkly and fine, like mirrors ground up. After all, that’s where I’d seen Leonardo DiCaprio frolic in “The Beach”. So when we reached Phuket, I was disappointed to say the least. We’d fallen prey to a scam hotel booking company, and then thankfully found a

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Maetaman Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai – Half a day with the gentlest of giants

Charles has spent a fair amount of time tracking elephants in the wild in Southern India several moons ago. I’ve been faced with one only at a sanctuary as a little child. When I heard about Chiang Mai’s Elephant camps and forest walks, I jumped into it without thinking twice. The fact that I was intending on doing something completely outside of my comfort zone, hit me only too late.

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Le Grand Lanna, Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi, Chiang Mai – A secret cuisine

When our Thailand frequenter friends who are foodies told us the street food in Thailand is so good you won’t want to eat in a restaurant, we didn’t believe them. Then we spent 3 days in Bangkok and 1 in Chiang Mai, and we understood what they meant. But that didn’t mean we weren’t curious to find out what a restaurant experience would be like. What would a gourmet Thai meal comprise?

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Blue Elephant Cooking School, Bangkok – Part I: Morning market tour

If you know anything about us yet, you know we love food. All kinds of food. And while the Gourmet Course at the Cordon Bleu Paris wasn’t Charles’ cup of tea and I ended up attending it alone, it was a given that he’d be jumping way more than me at a Thai cooking class. What can I say, the man loves his chillies! We’d eaten a fair bit of

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Chiang Mai’s Old City & Moat Tour – Wat a walk!

The fact that Chiang Mai is over 700 years old (despite it’s name meaning the new city) is clear from the 300 wats (temples) that dot every main road and nook of the city. While we didn’t have enough time to visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep and its 300 steps since that is nearly a half day activity, we did do an evening walk through the old city, to

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Feung Nakorn Balcony – An Oasis in Bangkok

Our first stop in Bangkok and we were in for a surprise. The flight from Mumbai to Bangkok isn’t a long one but our impatience to get our trip started made it seem like we were on a non-stop flight around the world and in no hurry to land. But we soon did and stormed through Immigration, collected our bags and were off to the taxi stand. Once out of

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