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Ku, Morjim, Goa – Empty your mind

If you’re looking for a very different side to Goa, here’s the absolute gem. We’d previously written about the top 10 things to do in Goa. And there is all that and more that you can pack into your travel to Goa. But there is another side to Goa that you must experience as well. The slow side. The really slow side. The side that gives you a whole different

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Top 10 Things To Do in Goa

1. Water sports It’s not just Goa’s beaches that are dotted with people. You can find them up in the sky as well, screaming their lungs out! Goa’s popular beaches are filled with various beach activities like parasailing, banana boat riding, jet-skiing, etc, and water sports are definitely among the top 10 things to do in Goa. Along with a brief list, I’ve also included some indicative prices. The activities

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The Goa Guide

The Goa Guide – A cold hard fact about Goa before you travel From beautiful beaches to quaint, historical hamlets, Goa has lots to offer to different kinds of travelers. The truth about India’s sweetheart (considering it’s pretty much the unanimous choice for all kinds of holidayers) is that it has, over time, turned jaded and torn. Infested with all the possible tourist cliches, crowded and filthy beaches, overpriced accommodation and activities, and

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The Gateway Hotel at Nashik – In good hands

We visited Nashik for an extended weekend as a belated birthday celebration for Charles. The idea was to do something relaxed, yet a little different from the usual beach-bumming in sweltering Goa. With a luxurious yet affordable Taj property, the much talked about and way overdue attraction- the Sula vineyards, and all of this just over 3 hours away on a lovely open road. It sounded like the perfect weekend

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Sula Vineyard Tour and Tasting, Nashik, India

Sula Vineyard. For someone who drinks only wine, I was most excited about a weekend in India’s wine country. It meant a chance to finally visit the Sula vineyard; that produced the wine that I drank most often – Sula. It meant a chance to taste the gamut of their selections and finally find something I love. It meant a chance to stroll through the lovely vineyards, and listen to

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Nashik Guide

With weekend jaunts to Pune, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Karjat and Lonavla becoming so de-rigueur, we had to set our sights elsewhere, hunting for someplace we hadn’t been to before, yet one that was close enough to drive down to by lunchtime. Oh, and it had to be exciting and different too. Nashik fit the bill perfectly. We’re so glad we went, and now you can too. Read on to plan

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