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Satpura National Park – India’s understated safari experience

When I think back to my time in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh, it isn’t the tigers of Bandhavgarh or the romance of Kipling country that stands out vividly. It is a lesser-known, far more feral land that does. A raw tract of immense riches. One that lacks the popularity of resorts and lodges swarming with tourists. Instead, it exudes a silent sophistication that supersedes anything man- made. The land that introduced

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Denwa Backwater Escape, Satpura National Park, India – Another world, another time

Denwa Backwater Escape was magical. This is the first hotel review that I’m struggling with. (And if you’ve seen some of the places we’ve stayed at, you’ll understand the significance of such a claim). On a Safari trip in India where the stay takes an absolute backseat to animal spotting and nature trails, Denwa Backwater Escape managed to leave me speechless. The thing is, there aren’t physical characteristics of design or amenities

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First Timers Guide to Safaris in India – The 12 things you should know

The jungles of Madhya Pradesh were, for me, love on the very first safari. As I write this, I’m keeping my ears tuned for the sound of birds that I have begun to identify, I’m absent- mindedly brushing imaginary insects off my arms, I’ve got a yearning for the faint smells of musk enveloped by lush green vegetation and even the bumpy bone rattling drive through the jungles. But that’s

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