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River Rafting Rishikesh, India – Way beyond my comfort zone

Rafting Rishikesh? I’d rather just do some driving Rishikesh! Umm, I’m more interested in taking pictures of it from dry land, I mumbled, unsure of how I was going to squirm out of this one. I’m the kind of girl that constantly sat out of PE class in school because sports and I just don’t mix. Now I do love swimming, but the idea of being thrown into freezing cold water or

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The Beatles in Rishikesh, India – My Magical Mystery Tour to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram

That India had once received The Beatles in Rishikesh was a revelation to me during the peak of my teenage “why wasn’t I around in the 60s?” phase. I grew up listening to the Beatles since my parents were big fans. Years later, when I was a teenager completely infatuated with everything that the likes of The Beatles, Hendrix and the ilk stood for, I made a startling discovery. I

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