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What to do on Staycation – Make the most of being away from home with Hyatt Regency

When the Hyatt Regency asked me to make the most of being away from home, it had me wondering what to do on Staycation. Our travel style always involves making the most of our time in a particular destination and honestly that often means staying in wonderful hotels but not really getting the kind of time we’d like to truly enjoy the luxuries they offer. We’d already staycationed at the

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Italian Branzo at Stax Hyatt Regency Mumbai

We don’t usually go for Christmas or Easter brunches in our own city, and most certainly not to five stars because it’s usually the same multi-cuisine menu across all of them. But not this one. Having already fallen in love with this stunning Italian restaurant the night before, we couldn’t wait to see what the purely Italian Easter Brunch at Stax was like! It was the perfect ending to our weekend

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Hyatt Regency Mumbai- A luxurious staycation

Remember when we told you about how we plan our travels around every holiday and long weekend? Well there are times when we don’t want to rush long weekends. We crave the luxury of being able to slow down, kick back and relax. Staying in some of the nicest hotels in the world means little if you don’t get the time to truly enjoy them. Imagine our delight on discovering

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Dharavi Slum and Industry Tour – An Amazing Reality

“How do you deal with beggars?” is a pertinent questions travelers visiting Mumbai ask us. I don’t really have an answer to it. There’s no blanket rule. Sometimes, I instinctively filter them out, sometimes I have to make an effort to ignore them, sometimes I get mad when they tap on the car window with their bangles, sometimes my heart melts and I give a shrivelled old cripple some change. But

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The Mumbai Guide

Maximum city. This is one section of our site we’ve struggled with the most. Because we live here. We call this place home, and we don’t quite know where to begin or where to end. Mumbai is the commercial capital of India, the home of Bollywood, the most cosmopolitan city in India, one of the oldest and most crowded cities, the busiest port, the most expensive real estate in the

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