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Kanha Earth Lodge, India – Embracing the land

This was Kipling country. And back at the lodge, I sat in the lounge, almost hearing his voice, narrating Mowgli’s escapades in my ears… Kanha Earth Lodge. Stepping into the main building of this property, I had to remind myself I was in Kanha, India and not Africa. Looking around, the lounge and dining room had a very hunting lodge-esque charm. Stone tiled walls, wide french windows, upholstery in warm hues, ethnic

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First Timers Guide to Safaris in India – The 12 things you should know

The jungles of Madhya Pradesh were, for me, love on the very first safari. As I write this, I’m keeping my ears tuned for the sound of birds that I have begun to identify, I’m absent- mindedly brushing imaginary insects off my arms, I’ve got a yearning for the faint smells of musk enveloped by lush green vegetation and even the bumpy bone rattling drive through the jungles. But that’s

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