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How to Track a Tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park, India

If you don’t spot a tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park, you’ve got the worst luck in the world. That’s the word of the jungle as far as Wildlife Safaris in India (circa 2015) go. Bandhavgarh is currently the reigning champion as far as tiger sighting in India goes, with a flourishing population of the royal feline. The stark contrast to Satpura National Park. Now there’s two things that contribute to

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Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh, India – A Royal Safari Stay

Kings Lodge, Bandhavgarh was to be the earliest established of the Pugdundee Safaris properties we were visiting on our itinerary through the National Parks of Madhya Pradesh, India. Naturally, we expected it to be the most hospitable, luxurious and well-run hotel. Getting There From the get- go, it didn’t disappoint. Stumbling out of our vehicles, sore backs and bottoms (the 8 hour drive from Denwa Backwater Escape in Satpura) we

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Kanha Earth Lodge, India – Embracing the land

This was Kipling country. And back at the lodge, I sat in the lounge, almost hearing his voice, narrating Mowgli’s escapades in my ears… Kanha Earth Lodge. Stepping into the main building of this property, I had to remind myself I was in Kanha, India and not Africa. Looking around, the lounge and dining room had a very hunting lodge-esque charm. Stone tiled walls, wide french windows, upholstery in warm hues, ethnic

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First Timers Guide to Safaris in India – The 12 things you should know

The jungles of Madhya Pradesh were, for me, love on the very first safari. As I write this, I’m keeping my ears tuned for the sound of birds that I have begun to identify, I’m absent- mindedly brushing imaginary insects off my arms, I’ve got a yearning for the faint smells of musk enveloped by lush green vegetation and even the bumpy bone rattling drive through the jungles. But that’s

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