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10 Travel Lessons from 2016 to take into the new year

2016 was a great year for us. Considering we’re not full time travellers and we both have demanding day jobs, we’re quite stoked that we actually managed to pull off 9 significant trips in 12 months! And here’s 10 travel lessons our 9 trips from 2016 taught us. Lesson #1: Do nothing We kicked off 2016 with a holiday. Yes, a holiday (and you can read about why we do

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Kaziranga National Park, India – Taking the safari by the horn

My breathing is loud, heavy and slow. My heartbeat thuds just as loudly, threatening to explode out of my chest. My hands have gripped the railing in front of my seat and my knuckles are white. They’re sweaty, and my fingers keep slipping off the rusted metal. I’m at the edge of my seat, ready to flee. But there’s nowhere I can flee. Right now, I’m in the safest spot

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Diphlu River Lodge, Kaziranga – India’s secret luxury lodge

Dhiplu River Lodge, came highly recommended. By the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. As with each time we’ve gone on safari, it takes a bit of an effort to adjust our luxury expectations of a wilderness lodge in India, keeping in mind the remote location and that it’s open to the elements. But so far, we’d been lucky to have been pleasantly surprised every single time, and I didn’t want

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