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Top Reasons To Book a Luxury Villa Rental by the Sea

While we’re the kind of people who love the hospitality and luxury of hotels, there are times when even the most luxe hotel doesn’t quite cut it. And that’s when we look for luxury villa rentals. As I write this, Charles is on a flight back from a road trip across France, Tuscany and Switzerland, and he stayed in a luxury villa at each of these locations. Going by the

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Top 5 Places to Revisit

We didn’t think we’d ever do a post on the Top 5 Places to Revisit, but here we are. We’ve always treated every single trip of ours like it’s the last time we’ll ever go there (so that it feels like the trip of a lifetime, every single time). But there are some places we left little pieces of our hearts, and we know we aren’t done with those places

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One Picture Story: Mauritius

One of the finest things to do in Mauritius is nothing. It seems like time itself is lounged out on a hammock somewhere on the edge of the beach under the shade of coconut palms. On our trip to Mauritius, we had a choice of beach activities, seeing the few sights scattered around Mauritius, driving around the small island or living like this little fellow we found outside our villa.

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Mauritius Activities Part I – Water Sports

Whether it’s floating around or diving to the sea bed, there’s so much to do in the pristine Mauritian waters. On our trip to Mauritius, we discovered that booking any activity/ tour in Mauritius is super easy, from internet travel agents, tour offices on every street in Mauritius, and even your hotel concierge. It usually turns out much much cheaper if you club a few activities together, so decide which

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Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa, Mauritius – In pure luxury

Beach holidays, as mentioned in the Mauritius Guide, are all about where you stay, because you seldom want to wander far from the shore. And we were well, lucky enough to have that picked out for us. Picked out and gifted. For two people who love planning vacations and trips, we’re actually glad we didn’t get the time to plan this one out, it laid out the red carpet for a

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The Mauritius Guide

Mauritius. The very word conjures images of sun kissed beaches, sparkling blue waters kissing sparkling white sands. The whimsical colours of umbrella drinks to the whimsical sounds of Creole music. For us, we were lucky enough to have our experience hand-picked for us as a wedding gift. So we just went with the flow, doing very little research and planning before our trip. But for you, for a vacation that’s supposed

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