California: Our Wishlist of Things to See

California. We’ve heard the word growing up, and it’s come to mean so many different things. So much of it from movies and music of course, but a lot more beyond as well. We haven’t visited North America yet, and we do intend on getting to it someday, so we’ve already started trawling through these amazing California beach house rentals and here’s what we’re already hearting about California:

Our California Bucketlist:

The beaches

California’s all about the surf and sun. It’s no wonder then, that the beaches top our list of things to see in California. From Laguna beach to Coronado. El Matador to the lively Venice Beach, Santa Monica and La Jolla cove, it sounds like a wonderful series of umbrella drinks and sandy days! While I may sit working on a tan, we definitely love being beach bums!

The drives

We’ve recently discovered how amazing it is to road trip across countries on our travels. And with such a diversity in things to see and experience, California sure feels like it’ll be a supremely rewarding drive. From the gorgeous Crescent City in the Wild North, the stunning waterfalls and quaint breweries from Sacramento to Eureka, White water rafting and wine country, to the surfer towns and desert state parks, I’m pretty certain picking out our itinerary is going to be quite the task! From the pictures I’m seeing splashed across the internet, there’s a rainbow of colours, and every veritable landscape you can imagine, all packed into this one place!

The bridges

Apart from the iconic Golden Gate bridge, which is definitely at the top of our California wishlist, there are several other little ones that we’re pretty certain will be a photographer’s dream. Our list includes, Bixby bridge, Foresthill bridge, Sundial bridge, Colorado Street bridge, and even the quaint Pope Street bridge. There’s so many different kinds, from the mammoth steel marvels to the sweet brick and stone ones, from those that stretch into the horizon, and those that finish even before they’ve begun.

The cities

It’s swish, it’s hot and it’s everything other cities are not. California’s big cities have held so much of a draw for me, thanks to Instagram. And it isn’t just visiting the cities, but the entire lifestyle that they stand for are worth a bit of slow-travel time. Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego certainly top our list! We’ve been seeing so much of the LA lifestyle on instagram, and I must admit, the cafes there look out of this world!

The outdoors

There’s so much more to California than meets the eye. It isn’t all big cities and slick bridges. There’s a world of natural marvels to be discovered here. Waterfalls, snow-lined slopes, barren sands, thick foliage, the list goes on! From hiking, river rafting and snow adventures across Yosemite, the Redwoods, Death Valley, Squaw Valley, Sierra Nevada, Mammoth Lakes and more, we can’t wait to see the natural wonders of the region!

Have you been to California? What’s on your bucket list so far?

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