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We’re loyalty members of several hotel chains, in India and around the world and we can’t even begin to tell you how much we enjoy the benefits. But the benefits of booking a chain hotel whenever you travel extend far beyond just loyalty memberships, and there’s a number of reasons why you should consider it on your next trip. We’ve listed out the top 5 reasons to book with a chain hotel, and we hope they’ll help you unlock a world of smarter travel!


  1. Consistency

We’ve said this before on the blog, the best part about hotel chains is you know just what you’re getting. Whether it’s the overall design theme of the property or specific in-room features, chain hotels like the Ramada tend to standardize these things. Most amenities and facilities tend to be standard as well across properties, whether it’s a gym, salon, spa or poolside experience. The style of hospitality too, tends to be the same across properties, whether it’s immensely discreet or friendly and warm. When travelling to new and unfamiliar destinations, it’s nice to have the guesswork taken out of at least one element – your stay experience.

book with a chain hotel

  1. Cheaper

Chain hotels tend to be able to take advantage of their economies of scale and offer better pricing when compared to independent or boutique hotels. This also means they’re able to offer flash sales and fantastic last minute deals as well. And if you book through an OTA, the deals are usually a lot sweeter.

book with a chain hotel

  1. Bonuses + Add ons

Chain hotels like the Grand Hyatt are constantly promoting new offerings or features within their stay experience. So the ability to make use of bonuses and add-ons to your booking can be sweet. Whether that means free wifi, access to the club lounge, free buffet breakfast, a room upgrade or a welcome drink or discounts at the spa, the benefits can lead to a much nicer stay experience.

book with a chain hotel

  1. Convenient Locations

The thing with chain hotels is they tend to be in the best locations. There’s usually a couple of them in most cities, giving you a choice of something that’s either closer to the airport or to the city centre, letting you take your pick, depending on what you need. Chain hotels, from our experience is also usually better connected to public transport, stations and stops when compared with independent or boutique hotels.

book with a chain hotel

  1. Reward Points

We love the reward points game, and strongly believe that if you play it right, you can end up enjoying a whole lot of benefits not just when it comes to your hotel bookings, but other travel services and beyond. Choose your loyalty scheme wisely, and see if you can consolidate your points into a single one, to gain high roller status. This usually ensures your points don’t expire, gives you some welcome freebies on check-in, and guaranteed upgrades and things like reward nights etc. It also gives you a better conversion ratio if you’re using those points for something like flights or car rentals.

book with a chain hotel

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  • While I read your points I very much disagree for a few reasons. For me the best part about a new hotel is that it will hopefully reflect some of the country’s style and personality. I don’t want to wake up in a room that could be anywhere in the world. Not all of them do, some like the Aman Resorts are really great in reflecting the country they are in but if a hotel doesn’t do that it is definitely not a pro on my list. As far as consistency goes – I cannot agree. I think that can still vary hugely depending on the country and the individual property but mind you, that could just be my personal problem.
    I think my biggest issue is that I think that a lot of the chain hotels don’t support the local economy as they should, being a global company so I prefer to spend my money with more local places.

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