Why Bogor, Indonesia is on our travel list

Bogor isn’t among the first places that come to mind while considering a trip to Indonesia, is it? We hadn’t even heard of Bogor, Indonesia until a short while ago! Charles has been to the more famous Bali, and although he was there on work and didn’t really manage to get out of the plush Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay where he was holed up (poor thing), I Facetimed him and saw a stunning beach below his villa. He came back singing praises of how beautiful it is, and how we must return someday. While we will get down to visiting Bali, there’s another quaint spot in Indonesia that’s stolen our hearts.

1.Camping in a Pine Forest at Gunung Pancar

We have this thing with forests, and this one’s got a hot spring and some super clean mountain air. Not to mention the pictures we’ve seen are gorgeous and we can’t wait to take some of our own!
Bogor, Indonesia

2. Living in a Village at Kampung Budaya Sindang Barang

We’ve been watching a lot of history on Netflix, and old civilizations, village life and the ilk really have us so fascinated. We’d love to dive deeper into the excavations of the Padjajaran Empire and the culture of the Sundanese peoples.
Bogor, Indonesia

3. Tree-spotting in Kebun Raya Bogor

With all the safari experiences we’ve been on lately, I’ve become a bit of a naturalist and I love identifying plant and tree species. With over 13,000 species on display, this fascinating 210 acre area really does call out to my heart!
Bogor, Indonesia

4. Smelling the flowers at Taman Bunga Nusantara

We don’t really get to see too many flowers in the city, not unless they’re in a vase at home. So this flower park sounds rather dreamy with all it’s different gardens.
Bogor, Indonesia

5. Floating across the waterways of Little Venice

We didn’t end up venturing into Venice on our last trip to Italy, and it’ll be a while before we revisit that country, so a chance to drift along the waterways in a Gondola? What’s not to love!
Bogor, Indonesia

6. Animal-spotting at Taman Safari Indonesia

We’ve been so excited about spotting animals that we’ve seen before on safari in India. Imagine how exciting it would be to discover new ones we’ve never seen before!
Bogor, Indonesia

7. Relaxing at Cimory Riverside

When we travel, we’re constantly on the go. There’s never a moment to sit and stare. And a chance to do just that, relaxing by the riverside sounds blissful!
Bogor, Indonesia

8. Waterfall splashing at Curug Bidadari Cikoneng

Waterfalls are so fascinating. And the ones here look gorgeous, especially since you can actually frolic under it!
Bogor, Indonesia

9. Enjoying the scenery at Bukit Paralayang Bogor

While I highly doubt I’d have the guts to go paragliding (although, going by how many adventure sports I’ve tried last year, you never know!), this definitely looks like the place for some fantastically scenic views!
Bogor, Indonesia

10. Having a cuppa at Gunung Mas Tea Estate

We didn’t really get a chance to enjoy the tea estates of Kaziranga, and you know how it feels when you came so close to seeing something and then didn’t. It shoots right to the top of your list.
Bogor, Indonesia


We can’t wait to start planning a trip there! While there are many places you can do your hotel booking for Bogor, Indonesia, we’ve been scoping out the destination and we’ve got out eye on the Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis. It’s a beautifully romantic resort and looks just about perfect! Had you heard of Bogor, Indonesia before this? Was it on your travel list?

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