Why Bali is the perfect couples’ travel destination?

When it comes to couples’ travel, there’s no destination that’s right or wrong. But there are some that just feel more right than the others. And those are usually the ones with plush resorts, stunning beaches, fantastic weather and fabulous food. If there’s a unique local culture to partake of, all the better. And when it comes to this long list of things that make a destination perfect for couples’ travel, Bali tourism ticks all the boxes.


From luxurious resorts, to gorgeous beaches and incredibly lush tropical nature all around, a unique culture and fantastic food, Bali honeymoon packages sound like the perfect getaway for couples, don’t they? Add to that the local prices that sound like a dream no matter what budget you’re on, and you have the makings of a most memorable holiday.

Bali for couples

What are the things about this stunning piece of paradise in Indonesia that make it so fantastic?


The Beaches

There’s nothing more romantic than long walks on the beach or more relaxing than a day spent frolicking in the water and working on a tan. From the ever popular Kuta to the more secluded golden sand and coral reef beaches of Sanur, the isolated Balangan in Uluwatu, the journey to which is an experience in itself. From the well-kept secret of Bias Tugal Beach near Padang Bai, to the sprawling crystal waters that will greet you all along the coast, there’s nothing more you’d possibly need while enjoying the sun-kissed sand and the cool waves lapping against your bare feet. The perfect experience for two, you’re sure to remember it forever.

Bali for couples

The Luxury

Whether it’s an all-inclusive resort or private villas on the beach, Bali offers every luxury a couple on a romantic getaway could dream of. From blissful Balinese spa experiences to wondrous champagne picnics on the beach, sunset dinners, boat trips hopping across nearby islands to exemplary service on the beach, there’s everything. Charles has experienced the beautiful Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay and his favourite part of his stay was the stunning vistas across the property to the sea and the horizon. Not to mention the plunge pool and their incredible service.

Bali for couples

The Food

Dinner dates are probably our favourite part of a relaxed vacation destination like Bali. And the incredible cave restaurant at Nusa Dua is a magical experience that you’ll never forget. From the flicker of the candles at the table to the sound of the waves crashing in the near distance, a personal butler to serve your every command, to the wonderful flavours of the sea. Sanur lets you hire out private cabanas where you can enjoy a private experience away from the hordes of tourists.

Bali for couples

Other Things to Do

Bali has no shortage of options for the more active couples. From hiking over Mt. Batur for stunning views from the island’s sacred volcano to helicopter flights over the Uluwatu and Tanah Lot, to private cooking classes to learn the secrets of the local cuisine, going off the beaten track on hired bicycles, or even elephant safaris in the local jungles, there’s just so much to experience, you’ll never be bored.

Bali for couples

Those are our top reasons to go on a couples’ trip to Bali. Have you been? If so, what are your favourite experiences, if not, which ones are you looking forward to the most?




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