The ASUS Zenpad 8 – Is it a travel-ready tablet?

We’ve been going nuts trying to configure the perfect packing list of electronics and gadgets that work for us when we travel. And we’ve been trying out loads of different combinations over the past few trips. So when the Asus Zenpad8.0 arrived we were definitely curious about testing it out. We first debated the merits of using a tablet over a laptop in the first place, but soon came to realize it hits that sweet spot between struggling with larger tasks on a smartphone and lugging out a huge laptop for smaller tasks.

Smartphone Functionality

Social Media (posting and interaction)

Photography (instant)

Image Editing (Filters and watermark)

Storage (needs to be transferred out periodically)

Emails (reading and quick responses)

Tablet Functionality

Includes all Smartphone Functionality

Storage (entirely dependent on Memory Card capacity)

Blogging, maintaining Travel Journals

Watching Movies and staying entertained while travelling

Reading ebooks/ itineraries etc

Preparing proposals/ managing databases and other work tasks on the go

Laptop Functionality

Includes all Tablet Functionality

Superior Image and Video Processing (Photoshop and Premiere Pro)

Storage (Internal + External = Unlimited capacity)

All other tasks

Asus Zenpad 8
Naturally, for the more complicated tasks, we realise we can’t do without the laptop, but we’ve been warming up to the idea of replacing it with a tablet for shorter trips on which we don’t foresee too many technical requirements. Now we’ve had the iPad mini for a while, but this post is about our experience with the Asus Zenpad 8.

Asus Zenpad 8

First Impressions

The packaging was neat and compact, and that definitely made a great first impression. My grouse with the iPad has always been the size, and the Asus Zenpad 8 was literally the perfect fit for my open palm. The width and weight makes it perfect to hold in one hand if you’re reading, and I cannot stress on how important that is. It looks pretty sleek and minimal too if you look beyond the silver branding. Getting used to the android device style of volume and power buttons on the same side took some getting used to (and I did end up accidentally pressing those pretty often early on).

Asus Zenpad 8

Power up

The device works great, the battery life has survived the acid test of a long weekend away and in-flight usage both ways. I haven’t had any issues with the device hanging or requiring a reset/ power off-on yet. Switching between WiFi and Data is super easy, as are the various power modes and interruption settings. Outlook mail works as well as the Gmail app and all the other social media apps that we’re using constantly.

Asus Zenpad 8

Asus Zenpad 8

Asus Zenpad 8

Asus Zenpad 8

Asus Zenpad 8

Audio and Video

With the device came an external AudioCase, and once we played the audio, we understood why. It definitely sounded better with the audiocase when it came to enjoying sound quality. The pre-loaded videos were quite stunning for a tablet of this kind.

Asus Zenpad 8

Asus Zenpad 8

Asus Zenpad 8

The Verdict

There are perhaps only 3 points that remind you that this is priced as low as 15k INR. The audio and image quality and to a small extent, the look of the device. If it weren’t for these three, we’d have a hard time distinguishing between this device and any of the more expensive counterparts. It’s a great purchase for rougher travel, and for when you need to get things done on the go. I’ll definitely be packing it into my carry on on the next trip! What’s your go-to travel device and why? Tell us in the comments below!

Asus Zenpad 8

This post was made possible by Asus. Opinions, as always are our own.

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