The I amsterdam City Card – 5 Reasons You Should Get it

The I amsterdam City Card promised to be a fantastic way to dive into all the great attractions the city has to offer what with all the discounts and freebies advertised on their site. What really got us though, were the words, “get your trip off to a smooth start”, and since Amsterdam was the first stop on our multi-city, multi-country hop this past summer, we felt like they were talking to us. So here’s how it went:

The pick up:

We booked our I amsterdam City Card online, so all we had to do was show the printouts at the Iamsterdam store at the airport, and we had our virtual keys to the city, even before stepped out onto the streets. The kit was filled with maps, discount coupons and loads of literature for us to dig into on our long Uber ride to our Airbnb.

What’s in the I amsterdam City Card?

  1. Free entry to some of the best museums and attractions

The first museum I was dying to get lost in was the Van Gogh museum. It’s easily among Amsterdam’s biggest draws, and I’ve been a fan ever since I was introduced to the artist’s work in school. Charles had been on his previous trip to Amsterdam, so he left me to gaze at paintings of Sunflowers while he went in search of actual Tulips in the parks nearby. I used the coat check, bought my audioguide and proceeded to delve deeper into one of my favourite artist’s work and life. I love that the museum limits the number of entries each hour, so it isn’t too crowded. The I amsterdam City Card also grants free entry to Rembrandt’s House.

I amsterdam City Card

I amsterdam City Card

  1. Free canal cruise

What better way to explore the city of canals than on a boat that winds through the various neighbourhoods, giving you a fantastic overview of the past and the present, the fanciest and the grimiest, the most crowded and the most desolate neighbourhoods! With our I amsterdam City Card, all we had to do was turn up at the Boathouse office on Prinsengracht (just around the corner from the Anne Frank House), book our seats on the next available boat and wait for it to turn up at their pier outside. It was a wonderful hourlong jaunt, with earphones and an audioguide that pointed out interesting things along the way.

I amsterdam City Card

I amsterdam City Card

  1. Free public transport

While we normally love navigating a new city on foot, since it’s the best way to get a feel of the locale, longer distances, aching feet and being short on time sometimes meant we’d be better off taking the bus. And with the I amsterdam City Card in our pocket, we wouldn’t need to buy tickets or anything. Which was really convenient (because as tourists, you sometimes overshoot your stop and have to take a bus back to the previous stop).

I amsterdam City Card

I amsterdam City Card

  1. Free entry to Oude Kerk

On his previous trip to Amsterdam, Charles had spent the longest time inside the Oude Kerk, absolutely fascinated by its heavy wood interiors, colossal ceiling and unique stories carved into every feature. The longer you have to spend at this church, the more you’ll discover. Read all about Charles’ fascinating discoveries here.

I amsterdam City Card

I amsterdam City Card

  1. Free entry to the Amsterdam Tulip Museum

If it wasn’t for the free entry offered by the I amsterdam City Card and the fact that we ended up having lunch at a canalised table right across from this Tulip laden shop, we probably wouldn’t have gone looking for this place. But no visit to Amsterdam is complete without delving into the history of Tulipomania. This was a wave that swept across Europe during the Dutch Golden Age when Dutch tulips became a coveted status symbol, commanding prices so high, they’d rival Real Estate prices today. The tiny museum houses a few quaint but interesting exhibits about the history and natural occurrence of tulips, how they were stored, grown, studied and more. It was a lovely precursor to our visit to Keukenhof a short train ride away where the world’s largest tulip garden lies.

I amsterdam City Card

Amsterdam Card

The Verdict:

Was the I amsterdam City Card a good idea? It sure was, as you can tell from all the fun experiences it unlocked for us (and we didn’t even dive deep into everything else it offered). It doesn’t grant access to the Anne Frank House or the Rijksmuseum, but for everything else, it’s a fantastic deal! Check it out for yourself here.

This post was made possible by www.iamsterdam.com. Opinions, as always are our own.

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