All Day Internet Wifi for Travellers

Being connected is probably everyone’s biggest priority while travelling, regardless of whether you’re on business travel or leisure. And for us, as travel bloggers, it’s definitely our number one requirement no matter where we go. It’s great that a lot of hotels and apartments now offer free WiFi but the reliability of such a connection, and the speed is usually suspect. We’re constantly on social media, and trying to manoeuvre the data packs of local mobile providers in a foreign country where all the menus are usually in a language you don’t understand, well that’s a recipe for disaster. Picture us, with no way of checking the balance, stranded on the road, hunting high and low for a shop that sells mobile recharges, finally buying one, to discover everything’s in Italian. Worse, you need a local registration in order to recharge it online.

All Day Internet

So when we discovered AllDayInternet’s Wifi device for travellers and found out how it works, we were intrigued.

  • It’s a nifty little device that fits in your pocket.
  • Works as a WiFi transmitter to your phone, laptop, iPad and whatever else.
  • No Roaming Charges or heavy 3G usage charges
  • Great Speed
  • Excellent connectivity

All Day Internet

All Day Internet

And the best part? It was waiting for us at the Residenza Johanna hotel reception the day we arrived, and we just shipped it back in their self-addressed, prepaid envelope the day we left. Couldn’t get easier. What we found phenomenally amazing about this device was that the few days when we were tucked away in Tuscany with a couple of friends, none of us had connectivity on our mobiles. The signal was just non-existent. The All Day Internet however, worked brilliantly, saving the day for all of us who holiday or not, have emails to check.

All Day Internet

All Day Internet has packages that start as low as 5 Euros a day. This post was made possible by the kind folks at All Day Internet. Opinions as always, are our own.



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