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We’re Revati and Charles Victor. Married couple, Indians from Mumbai, advertising professionals by day, Amateur chefs and Professional travel bloggers by night. Oh and we do manage to squeeze in a bit of travel and photography somewhere along the way.

This is not a regular travel guide blog. Neither is it a travelogue. There are enough people around the world who travel and write about their experiences. We’re the ones who open different doors. What are different doors? Unique experiences we’ve dug out with a lot of effort. New ways of discovering even the most popular and mainstream of destinations. Does it mean we’re not going to point you to Koh Phi Phi or the Louvre? Of course we will. We’ll just point out some lesser known but extremely interesting things along the way. So don’t worry if it’s your first trip to any destination. It was ours too. We just opened a few different doors along the journey. After all, isn’t that why we travel? To open different doors?

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Some of our favourite travel memories:

Our most luxurious beach holiday
Our longest meal
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