December 2017

Luxury Travel on a Budget

It’s almost the end of another travel-licious year for us at Different Doors, and as we do each year, we sit down and reflect on important travel realisations we’ve had, and pen them into a thought piece for you. This year’s been all about reflection for us. We’ve adopted a more minimalistic lifestyle, paring down to what we consider essentials. Things that serve a purpose, or give us joy. And

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5 things to do in London this summer

Let’s face it: London isn’t always sunshine and rainbows every day of the year. And nobody wants to stroll around a famous London landmark underneath an umbrella, or worry about getting their camera wet during a torrential downpour.  That’s why summer is the best season to visit London; not only because the days are longer and the weather is warmer, but also because a handful of London’s most popular landmarks

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