March 2017

Tips to Choose Hotels in India

It’s often been said, India is a country like no other. It’s a bunch of nations within a nation, when it comes to the food, culture and overall experience to be had. No wonder then, that choosing hotels in India can be a tricky task, since it comes with its own set of quirks and nuances that probably don’t hold true across the world. Since it’s our home country, we

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These Tips Will Make Your Hong Kong (& Macau) Trip Better Planned

Hong Kong is much more than a bunch of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan movies and electronics. Really! You wouldn’t believe that there are so many different things to do. No, we are not talking about Disneyland either. We will cover the alternative activities for your Hong Kong trip in another blog. In this blog, we want to point out a few things which will help you plan your Trip to Hong

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