February 2017

Porto Top 5 Things To Do

We usually try not to hop across too many cities when we’re taking our Spring/Summer break but we decided to make an exception with Portugal. Simply because this slender strip of land in southern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula has so much to offer, irrespective of the kind of traveller you are. After spending a few fantastic days in Lisbon (which included a day trip to spectacular Sintra), we decided to hop

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California: Our Wishlist of Things to See

California. We’ve heard the word growing up, and it’s come to mean so many different things. So much of it from movies and music of course, but a lot more beyond as well. We haven’t visited North America yet, and we do intend on getting to it someday, so we’ve already started trawling through these amazing California beach house rentals and here’s what we’re already hearting about California: Our California Bucketlist: The beaches

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Giveaway: Win Travel Gear Worth $300 from Gobi Gear and LuminAID with ReddyYeti

That’s right, we’re offering our readers across United States, District of Columbia, Canada & Europe a chance to win some incredible travel gear worth $300! Here’s your chance to get geared up for your next hike, trek or camping trip! You know just how much we love Gobi Gear. We’ve reviewed their hoboroll in the past here and here. And LuminAID needs no introduction to the outdoorsy traveller – we’re in LOVE

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The 5 spots to stay in the Algarve – Secrets from our road trip

The Algarve features 155 kms of gorgeous coastline and at first look, every beach seems as good as the next. So for our road trip, we found it next to impossible to shortlist the beaches in the Algarve. And figuring our where to stay in the Algarve was a daunting task indeed. Until we did our research. Now if you’re a regular reader, you know just how deep and thorough our

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Pench Tiger Reserve – Encounters with Collarwali and her cubs

Pench Tiger Reserve isn’t the simplest terrain. After zipping around in what I imagined to be a haphazard and aimless manner across the National Park for a long time, I soon realised there was a method to the Pugdundee Safari guide’s madness. He knew just the spots to check, and was working his way through them in the order of probability of the tiger being there. The safari vehicles we’d

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10 Travel Lessons from 2016 to take into the new year

2016 was a great year for us. Considering we’re not full time travellers and we both have demanding day jobs, we’re quite stoked that we actually managed to pull off 9 significant trips in 12 months! And here’s 10 travel lessons our 9 trips from 2016 taught us. Lesson #1: Do nothing We kicked off 2016 with a holiday. Yes, a holiday (and you can read about why we do

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