February 2015

Maxwell Scott Bags: Review and ₤100 Giveaway

If you’ve clicked on this for the word “Giveaway” in the title, I know you’re dying to scroll to the bottom, but read through this first, you’ll be glad you did! If you know us, we’ve been hunting high and low for a travel wallet for a long time now. We’ve been trying to find something that’s got a great combination of space and style. With each online store, airport

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Why We’re Hooked to Our Travel Rewards Programs

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. We’ve all seen this among a whole bunch of clichéd travel quotes over on pinterest haven’t we? And as travel bloggers, we’re all for buying experiences that enrich our lives. We’re constantly singing praises of how a life of travel is such a meaningful existence. But hey, someone’s got to pay for the tickets right? See, that’s the key

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Why Travelling is Like Falling in Love

It’s that time of year, when our newsfeeds are flooded with red roses, pink hearts, pairs of champagne flutes and loads of other Valentines Day iconography ranging from the obscene to the tacky. For us however, it’s just another day. No it’s not because we’re the too-cool-for-school kids that shun romance. No it’s not because we’ve been travelling as a married couple. But simply because we’re both in love (and

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Topkapi Palace: Istanbul – Intricacy at its best

It’s so difficult to choose which of Istanbul’s historical avatars appeals to us the most. There are stories of riches and rags. But Topkapi Palace definitely pushes Constantinople to the top. The seat of Ottoman Sultan Mehmet naturally had to enjoy the best location with views of the Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, all at once. I’d heard so much about the beautiful blue Iznik tiles (which I

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