December 2014

Top 10 reasons to visit Melbourne (and never come back)

Choosing just 10 reasons to visit Melbourne is like an irony in itself. Melbourne was so very special to us from the moment we landed, and we could literally write a book on it! Top 10 reasons to visit Melbourne 1. The Coffee As coffee lovers, we thought we knew coffee. But we had no idea just how intense the coffee culture in Melbourne’s million cafes was. From lesser known

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Villa Samadhi, Kuala Lumpur: Our luxury boutique stay

Looking back on our boutique hotel stay at the Villa Samadhi, Kuala Lumpur the one way we could sum up the entire experience really is the word “Samadhi”. It’s actually a state of meditative consciousness in Buddhism, but in India we use the word loosely to mean sanctuary. And that’s just what Villa Samadhi was. Initially we were concerned about the location. It is a bit cut off from the

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5 Unique Gifts for the Traveller for All Budgets

The holidays are here, and ’tis the season to be giving. And it looks like travel gear is on the Christmas Gift Wishlist of every traveller. Unless you’re willing to part with your airline miles and hotel reward points, here’s our pick of gifts for the traveller. So whether you’ve got big budgets or a shoestring, all you need to make your traveller friend happy this season is a big

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Airbnb Wishlist: 5 Amazing apartments we must rent someday

If you’ve been following our Europe city guides, you’ll know that we’re big fans of AirBnB. An apartment is undoubtedly the best way to feel like a local, especially in a European city like Paris or Barcelona. The first time we went to Paris we stayed in this beautiful 3 bedroom apartment near Port Royal. It was 2 blocks away from the Metro, had a beautiful balcony, was well heated,

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Grand Bazaar Istanbul: Souvenirs you must buy

I’d been dreaming of the Grand Bazaar Istanbul ever since the day I first heard about it. In my mind’s eye I’d already painted a picture of a dingy Ali Baba-esque cave, with glittering treasures within. So when we finally got to Istanbul, I couldn’t wait to go shopping to the world’s oldest shopping mall. The Grand Bazaar has four main entrances. This used to be the trading centre of Istanbul,

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