September 2014

Our Travel Checklist- Preparation for Vacation

  It’s been a while since we had a holiday. A real holiday. Travel means something entirely different when we’re travel blogging. Because on a regular travel blogging day, we’re taking pictures, jotting things down, updating social media, meeting people and companies, and then getting back to our hotel or apartment completely beat but having a whole lot of transfers, updates and uploads to finish before we can prep for

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An open letter to the people of the Barossa

Dear people of the Barossa, This is a letter of truths. And let me begin with the biggest one. You intimidated me. All through the days of slow driving through the Great Ocean Road, I had a nagging fear that seemed to grow with each small town we passed. What am I, someone pretty illiterate when it comes to wines, going to do surrounded by wine connoisseurs for 3 days?

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What to eat in Istanbul: Our favourite food and restaurants

Wondering what to eat in Istanbul? We faced the same dilemma. We’d never eaten Turkish food before, and while Sultanahmet can be a great area to stay by its proximity to all the sights, a lot of places can be tourist traps. Nonsense. We had some amazing experiences while devouring some incredible meals. Breakfast The traditional take on Turkish breakfast is quite interesting, and we were a bit flummoxed on

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San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai: Hot springs, umbrellas, silk and honey

San Kamphaeng is a district just outside of Chiang Mai (in Nothern Thailand) that we’d been told was well worth the half day trip. The local umbrella- making industry, silk factory, honey factory and of course the hot springs. At a good 40 kms away, we contemplated the day long detour, especially since we also needed to drop by the Grand Lanna at the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi for lunch

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