June 2014

The Great Ocean Road Guide

Note: As I sit here to write this out, I’m feeling thankful we did two rounds of prep while planning our drive on the Great Ocean Road. Charles took care of the practical aspects of driving, hiring a car and road rules, distances, fuel, gps routing, accommodation and a million other things I’d never be able to wrap my head around while I checked out all the sights and stops

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Stonewell Cottages & Vineyard Tour, Barossa – An experiential retreat

We’ve said it before, and we’ll probably say it again through every single post about our Barossa experiences – the people of the Barossa are extremely generous. With their time, their knowledge and their passion. And a lot of that, revolves around wine. So when Tina and Evan Gobell of Stonewell agreed to show us around their sprawling vineyards, we were stoked. We’d already bumped into them at the Barossa

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