January 2014

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul – Of intricate splendour

The first image that came to my mind when I thought about visiting Istanbul was the big beautiful Blue Mosque. Oh to be standing in front of one of the world’s finest mosques. I couldn’t wait. So the first night we landed, cold and tired, we ran straight to the Hippodrome, which was walking distance from our apartment. And right there, alongside the Hippodrome, standing tall, towering before us with

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The Istanbul Guide

Istanbul isn’t just a beautiful destination to travel to. It’s also absolutely unlike any other destination in the world. Turkey’s capital city is the ideal tourist spot with so many sights and attractions for the traveller to take in. The intricate architecture on the mosques and palaces, the colourful and exotic bazaars, the breathtaking Bosphorus.  From being an enchanting stop on the old hippie trail to turning into cinema’s exotic

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One Picture Story: Istanbul

Hüzün. The turkish word for melancholy is beautifully explained in an entire chapter of Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul: Memories and the City. I haven’t been able to finish this book, even though it’s been a while since I got back from Istanbul. Much like the book, the city is deep, complex and takes forever to understand. It takes forever to peel back its layers and unearth centuries of stories, of a

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Hotel Ayasofya, Istanbul: The heart of the old city

The Ayasofya hotel is a beautiful 19th Century Ottoman home that has since been restored and operated as a hotel offering Turkish hospitality and a chance for travellers to experience the local community. Rumour has it that the mehmet from Sultanahmet Mosque used to live here. Naturally, the Ayasofya Hotel seemed like a great place for us to stay in Istanbul. There’s a reason I love Europe. Stories. Europe, not

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