August 2013

El Palauet Living Barcelona – Living the vibrant spirit

The vibrant and tolerant spirit of Barcelona is waiting for you. That’s what the last line in our email confirmation from El Palauet said. Before we left, El Palauet seemed like elegant luxury residences at the end of the sophisticated Passeig de Gracia. Close enough to all the designer shopping, but far enough for some peace and quiet. It seemed like a place made specifically for designer-heeled travellers used to

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Retrome Barcelona – Vintage yet fresh

We’d already stayed in some hotels and apartments in Barcelona before checking in to Retrome. Those places had already blown our minds. So while we expected Retrome to be a nice comfortable experience with some quirky retro decor thrown in, we had no idea what we were actually in for. To begin with, the location. When we found a place just off Passeig de Gracia, we expected it to be

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Barcelona Cooking – Part II: In Candido’s Kitchen

Readers on this site probably know food is a big deal for us when we travel. And I don’t just mean what we eat, I’m also referring to the little cooking we like to learn when we’re on the road. We did it in Paris and later in Bangkok, and we were raring to have a go at a cooking class during our trip to Barcelona. In addition to the

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Barcelona Cooking – Part I : La Boqueria Market Tour

A cooking class is always at the top of our things to do when we make our travel list. In Barcelona, Catalan cuisine was sure to be the best way to discover Catalan culture. So when we signed up for a cooking class at Barcelona Cooking we were excited but had our reservations. This wasn’t the Cordon Bleu or the Blue Elephant. We wouldn’t walk away with certificates or branded

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