June 2013

Ayutthaya, Thailand – A date with history in ruins

Ayutthaya meant a lot to me personally. While we were planning our Thailand itinerary, I was the least enthused among the 4 of us to visit Ayutthaya. How exciting can an entire day roaming through a bunch of temples be? Given the amount of religion we’re exposed to back in India, the prospect just didn’t thrill me. Turns out, I was wrong. This wasn’t about religion. It was about history.

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Thailand 2012 [Video]

There’s so much that happened during our Thailand trip in November 2012. From literally playing out the lead parts from The Hangover to learning a tiny bit of Thai cooking at the famous Blue Elephant Cooking School. We spent time in the North at Chiang Mai, in Bangkok and then zipped through Phuket. There’s so many Wats we visited, we could piece together a short film on them! This short

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