April 2013

Blue Elephant Cooking School, Bangkok- Part II: Half day cooking class

After a morning of walking and ogling at exotic produce on our Blue Elephant Cooking School, Bangkok’s Market Tour, we’d whipped up quite an appetite. Back in the classroom, we settled in like eager students on our first day back at school. Everyone rushed for the desks up front, hurriedly tied on our black aprons, and settled into our seats, holding out freshly sharpened pencils, quickly glancing through the recipe

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A Taste of Kerala

We love the food of Kerala, and it’s so difficult to find any (decent) in Mumbai, so when we first thought of visiting Kerala, our mouths started watering thinking of appams and stew and parota and beef fry. Unfortunately, while the food at Fort Kochi was good, it wasn’t what we’d been dreaming off. Imagine our luck when we got to not only spend time with, but to taste some

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Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala – Suprisingly unique

This is the first time we’re featuring a resort as a destination, because Kumarakom Lake Resort isn’t a hotel, it really is a destination. Set against the backwaters of Vembanad Lake in Kerala, Kumarakom Lake Resort is a self-contained trip in itself. An hour’s drive from Fort Kochi, we knew we were approaching Kumarakom Lake Resort by the telltale signs for resorts and hotels lining the slim road that went

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Le Colonial, Fort Kochi – Heritage meets luxury

As our car pulled into a small sandy clearing in a quiet area of Fort Kochi, I felt my breath quieten. What stood before us was a whitewashed wall, with a beautifully polished wooden door. A brass plaque with a crest, affirmed this was the place. Le Colonial. The non-hotel hotel, as Neemrana (the chain) called it. I was most intrigued to find out what that meant. After having stayed

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Gobi Gear’s Hoboroll – And that’s a wrap!

After lugging a 15kg carry on duffel bag (without wheels) through CDG-DEL-BOM (That’s Paris-Delhi-Mumbai) we promised to never overpack again. We’ve made a solemn oath to only carry the essentials, leave room for shopping, or simply do without. Which makes finding the ideal sized bag, or even packing it for that matter, a bit of a task. (But oh, such a relief when you’re walking about the airport hands-free) But

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The Fort Kochi Guide

Still stuck in time, this erstwhile trading port, has seen a lot over the years, from the Portuguese to the Dutch and then the British before India’s independence. It’s colonial past, however, haunts it till this day. As you walk down, the buildings, the doorways, the streets and shops bring alive its history. Fort Kochi is a small settlement on the coast and you can walk the entire length and

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