September 2012

One Picture Story: Mauritius

One of the finest things to do in Mauritius is nothing. It seems like time itself is lounged out on a hammock somewhere on the edge of the beach under the shade of coconut palms. On our trip to Mauritius, we had a choice of beach activities, seeing the few sights scattered around Mauritius, driving around the small island or living like this little fellow we found outside our villa.

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Dharavi Slum and Industry Tour – An Amazing Reality

“How do you deal with beggars?” is a pertinent questions travelers visiting Mumbai ask us. I don’t really have an answer to it. There’s no blanket rule. Sometimes, I instinctively filter them out, sometimes I have to make an effort to ignore them, sometimes I get mad when they tap on the car window with their bangles, sometimes my heart melts and I give a shrivelled old cripple some change. But

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The Mumbai Guide

Maximum city. This is one section of our site we’ve struggled with the most. Because we live here. We call this place home, and we don’t quite know where to begin or where to end. Mumbai is the commercial capital of India, the home of Bollywood, the most cosmopolitan city in India, one of the oldest and most crowded cities, the busiest port, the most expensive real estate in the

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Video: One day on the Metro

Paris has this way of jumping out of a corner and surprising you. And that’s just what happened on one of our first rides on the Paris Metro. These two guys jumped in and entertained us for a while. While it seemed like a normal thing for the rest of the locals (who pretty much ignored them), it was quite a novelty for us. We later discovered that these entertainers

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One picture story: Paris

Paris. Something very close to our heart. This was taken on our first trip to Paris. And you always find yourself pulled in two different directions on a first trip and that’s exactly what happened to us. Sure, everybody wants to avoid the cliches and go where no crowds go but there’s that tiny voice in the back of your head whispering names and places. We picked places by deciding

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The Queen’s Hamlet, Versailles – A simple life

On our visit to The Chateau de Versailles, we confirmed for ourselves, that it is without a doubt, one of the most unabashed and opulent tributes to self indulgence in the world. Initially the hunting lodge of France’s Sun King, Louis XIV turned it into a royal residence with a grand scale building filled with paintings and gold sculptures of himself in the thousands of rooms including a hall of

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