June 2012

Sula Vineyard Tour and Tasting, Nashik, India

Sula Vineyard. For someone who drinks only wine, I was most excited about a weekend in India’s wine country. It meant a chance to finally visit the Sula vineyard; that produced the wine that I drank most often – Sula. It meant a chance to taste the gamut of their selections and finally find something I love. It meant a chance to stroll through the lovely vineyards, and listen to

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Nashik Guide

With weekend jaunts to Pune, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Karjat and Lonavla becoming so de-rigueur, we had to set our sights elsewhere, hunting for someplace we hadn’t been to before, yet one that was close enough to drive down to by lunchtime. Oh, and it had to be exciting and different too. Nashik fit the bill perfectly. We’re so glad we went, and now you can too. Read on to plan

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